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Profit is not something to add on at the end. It's something to plant from the beginning. We want to help our customers achieve the best results. The definition of these results differs per customer; a retailer looking for more revenue per square meter, a florist aiming for the freshest flowers, or some wholesalers in need of better, more successful commercial concepts. Working with us means tomorrow will always be better than today.

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The freshest flowers and plants
An attractive and fresh assortment that generates a good revenue. That's what we offer to mainly the Swedish florists. We understand that you, as a florist, want to focus on your customers and on creating beautiful things. So we make it easy for you: just order online! Don't worry about the quality, we make it our daily goal to bring you the very best products straight from the greenhouse. We inspire you to be at the forefront of the floral world and help you offer your customers a varied and contemporary assortment.

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Together we stay relevant for your local customers, all year round.
Staying attractive to your customers with simple solutions and the right assortment, ordered easily in our webshop and delivered on time: that is what you can expect from working with us. Follow our planthunters on the road and let them help you select an interesting assortment. We keep a keen eye on the trends in our business and strive to inspire you. With a delivery reliability of 98%, we are your trusted partner.

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The right assortment with 98% delivery reliability
For garden centres, the challenge lies in being able to offer the right products at the right time, with the right amount of stock, every day of the year. Sometimes, that means truckloads filled with a particular product. Other times, it's just a small order. We know what you need and when, and which growers can provide the best product.

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Double-digit growth
You want to offer your customers the best shopping experience, and carefully select the products you sell. With our clever Floral Category Management service data and market knowledge decide the best shelf placement for your store, letting you generate the most revenue per square meter. Our self-learning system aims for maximum profits: we strive for double-digit growth, every single year.

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A green office results in 12,8 hours less sick leave per year.
Plants actively contribute to a healthier work environment. Plants can improve productivity, increase creativity, and boost people's mental and physical health. We combine our passion for nature with service and offer a one stop shop for indoor and outdoor plants, plant pots and living walls for interior landscapers. We offer a high-quality range of soil-based and hydroponic plants.

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