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Gift an Ogreen Clean Machine

Are you looking for an original and sustainable gift as a ‘thankyou’ for a nice collaboration with relations, partners or employees? Surprise them with an Ogreen Clean Machine!

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A green master piece

In today’s troubled ecosystem, the focus relies on helping out our beloved Mother Nature. Not only by living eco-friendly, but also by greening any space we possibly can, but in a trendy way of course! Moss art has many possibilities and the designs we have seen so far are absolutely breath taking.

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Outdoor plants

A wintery red wonder

The summer has officially come to an end. Days are starting to feel dull and dreary, and looking out of the window isn’t actually going to cheer you up with plants and trees standing there in their past glory. But classic red plants, like the Skimmia, will ensure there is still plenty to see when you take a look outside.

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Indoor plants

Forest Fever

Do you remember the joy and that peaceful feeling when going for a stroll through the forest on a lovely autumn day? Getting some fresh air and picking up pine cones to use as decoration. But what about bringing this forest cosiness indoors?

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Powered by positivity - Ammerlaan-Sosef

Ammerlaan-Sosef is a pot plant nursery with two sites in the Dutch Westland area, just a stone's throw away from Noviflora. Jeffrey Ammerlaan's grandfather and father already owned their own nursery, but in 1999 Jeffrey and his father joined forces with former student Gertjan Sosef, after which the nursery got its current name: Ammerlaan-Sosef.

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Noviflora news

Now also online: submitting claims

The process of submitting claims to us is now much easier and more convenient with a few pushes of a button. On the webshop, within your personal profile, you can find a new ’claims’ tab.

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Trend report

Land life

The colour palette for this theme is inspired by the earth as seen from a distance, from space. A grey, cloudy sky, deep blue oceans and lighter lakes, forests and fields.

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